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Kevin Rolf Boerner

34 year window fashions professional

Born and raised in Oakland California I'm a third generation window coverings professional. Shades are a part of my soul and I love to look at a window and try to envision two or three different solutions, for fun.


I came up through the Oakland Unified School System and received an AS degree in Sociology from Peralta Colleges in 1995. Upon my graduation I was given the option to explore the world and I moved to Germany and lived in Köln (Cologne) for four years, to this day it remains my second home.


I returned to Oakland in 1999 and I've held a variety of Management and Project Management positions in the window coverings industry.


In 2016 I founded the Oakland Shading Company because it soothes my soul on several levels. Oakland, shades and my own business.The Oakland Shading Company came about because I really love the city of my birth. I'm also really passionate about window treatments and all signs pointed to me following that path. 

In 2021 I opened a showroom in Berkeley which has led to the formation of City Shading Ltd. This has given me the capacity to display all the incredible window treatments that are available.


I hope that you reach out to me so that I may be of service.

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