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Rollease Acmeda Shading Systems


By taking advantage of automation, your Automate™ roller shades can operate based on changes in the weather and natural light to help provide a comfortable interior and ultimately improve the energy efficiency of your home.

Make your Automate shades work for you by creating scenes in the Automate app that adjust through the seasons; maximizing or minimizing the amount of natural light filtered into your home.

Rollease Acmeda Drapery Systems


A great deal can be achieved when motorizing drapes in lofty, open plan living areas with Automate™ motors. Automate technology allows for motorized drapes of up to 36 feet.


Automate drapery motors offer the added benefit of manual activation. This function allows you to gently pull on the drapes and the motor will complete the action – automatically moving the drapes to open or close.

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